Schools in Rhodes NSW Australia

Most of us want to live a life that is more comfortable and certainly much better than what we already have. This is because we always want to give our families the best so we strive hard to look for greener pastures whether in our birth country or elsewhere.  We can go an extra mile to find that perfect opportunity that is waiting for us.
While there are many countries that can offer us better lives, Australia is one of those countries preferred by most people to migrate to, or simply to study or work in because it offers great benefits and perks to those willing to contribute to their ever productive society.

There are many places in Australia where we can comfortably live and settle with our kids.  It is best to find the area that is child-friendly, meaning a place close to the right schools and those that have safe parks and maybe even zoos so our children can enjoy and experience a simple but quality life.  One good place to try in Australia is Rhodes.

Rhodes in New South Wales, Australia is a perfect place to settle because it is near the right places like hospitals, schools and recreation areas such as the ANZ Stadium, the Olympic Park, the Sydney International Aquatic Center, the Bicentennial Park and the Millennium Parklands, which are great for you and your kids.  Rhodes is a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney and it is also close to the Sydney Central business District. 

Enroll your kids to the schools near your homes or simply right in your area.  The closest primary school is the Concord West Public School, which is located at Concorde Road.  There are also other school selections at Rhodes like the St. Ambrose and the Concord West.  It also has so many local public schools, and to name some are:

Concord High School
Strathfield Girls High School
Homebush Boys High School
St. Patrick’s College
Santa Sabina College
Christian Brothers High School
Marist College
Trinity College
Fort Street Selective High School
Taverners Hill
Rivendell School

These are just of the schools that are right in the area of Rhodes, and for sure, with these choices you will be able to find the right school for your child whether they are in the primary or in the high school level.

Published on  January 8th, 2014

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